• The Savannah Aircraft model 'S' is a monoplane type, with two side-by-side seats, fitted with a high wing supported by struts.
  • All metal structure with load resisting panels.
  •  High lift NACA 650-18 modified airfoil with Junkers type flaperon (aileron + flap) with manual or electrical (optional) control.
  • Trim with electrical control on the elevator and with manual control on the rudder.
  • Wing fuel tanks with 36 litres capacity in each wing. The tanks are connected and flow into a collection sump placed in the fuselage. A single drain valve at the bottom of the fuselage is  provided for fuel sampling.


  • The two large removable lateral doors allow easy independent access to the cabin. Ideal for aerial photography. 
  • The cockpit is insulated, has upholstery covered seats and a fitted carpet.
  • Doors are fully transparent allowing good visibility.
  • The cabin arrangement features two canvas or upholstery covered side-by-side seats.
  • The luggage compartment situated behind the seats is accessible during the flight and can hold up to 45 lbs (20 kilograms).
  • The cabin’s ventilation is provided by rotating air scoops on the doors.  A dynamic air scoop intended to extract the cabin air is fitted at the top of the baggage compartment.
  • Heating system can be orientated on feet or on windshield with control on the dashboard.
  • Cabin light.


  • The main landing gear is made up of a single piece aluminium alloy leaf leg.
  • The nose landing gear (in tricycle configuration) is fitted with a telescopic elastic cord shock absorber and is steerable during taxiing.
  • The Savannah is fitted with disc brakes, with independent left/right toe brakes for the pilot and co-pilot (optional).


  • Removable engine cowling for easy  engine bay inspection.
  • Upper cowling oil inspection door.
  • Two different engine options:
    Rotax 912 UL 2 – 80 Hp with two-blade prop “Duc” with ground adjustable pitch.
    Rotax 912 UL/S  – 100 Hp with three-blade prop “Duc” with ground adjustable pitch.
  • Fibre glass spinner 260mm diameter (carbon fibre optional).
  • Reduced engine vibration using the new ring engine mount. 
  • Fuel system incorporates a standby electric pump. 


  • Air speed indicator, 3 1/8” with coloured arcs.
  • Altimeter, 3 1/8” with setting window.
  • Vertical speed indicator, 3 1/8”.
  • Magnetic Compass
  • Slip and skid indicator
  • Tachometer
  • Fuel pressure
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil temperature
  • Hour meter
  • Voltmeter
  • External temperature indicator + airbox (for Rotax 912 ULS only)
  • Water temperature for front left engine head.
  • Water temperature for back right engine head.



Variant-Savannah S(incl.Taildragger)Engine-Rotax 912 ULS,100 hp,4 Stroke-Prop DucSwirl 3 blade comp.

SPECS @ 450kg

Length - 6.60m

Vmax (5500rpm) 115 mph

Height - 2.58m

Vcruise (5000 rpm) - 100 mph

Wing Span - 9.00m

Vso (Stall – Flaps extended) - 30 mph

Wing Cord - 1.43m

Vne - 143 mph

Wing Surface Area - 12.84m²

Climb Rate - 1100 ft/min

Aspect Ratio - 6.3:1

Glide Ratio - 11:1

Cabin Width - 1.09m


Consumption (5000 rpm) - 17 l/hr

Empty Mass - 300kg

Useful mass 300kg

Endurance - 4.5hr (LR 8h)

MTOW - 600kg

Take off distance - 35m

Landing distance 50m

Range (to empty) - 470 miles (LR 900m)

Fuel Capacity - 80 litres

Long range tank option - 152 litres

Max operating Altitude - 14000ft

Structural load – (tested) - +6g / -4g

Cross wind limitation - 30 mph