ROTAX 915/141hp (is/isc) - Turbo injected (Ventura Experimental)



• 4-stroke liquid/air-cooled engine with horizontally

opposed cylinders

• Dry sump forced lubrication with separate oil tank,

automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet

• Redundant electronic fuel injection and ignition

• Engine management system (EMS)

• Electric starter (12 or 24 volt)

• Propeller speed reduction gearbox

• Air intake system with intercooler

• Turbocharger with stainless steel exhaust

• TBO (Time between overhauls) 1,200 hours

• Service ceiling of 23,000 feet


104 Kw @ 5800rpm

Max Rpm - 5800

Bore - 84mm 

Stroke - 61mm 

Displacement  - 1352cm3 

Weight - 84.6kg-Engine with gearbox, turbocharger, intercooler, cooling air baffle, wiring harness, sensors,  flange with overboost valve, air hoses, clamps, magneto valve block with hoses, ECU, fusebox with regulators, oil tank, exhaust system without fuel pumps assembly, radiator and oil cooler.