ROTAX 914 UL/ULF 115hp Turbo (Ventura LSA, Experimental)



• 4-cylinder

• 4-stroke liquid/air-cooled engine with opposed


• with turbo charger

• with automatic waste gate control

• dry sump forced lubrication with separate

oil tank

• automatic adjustment by hydraulic valve tappet

• 2 carburetors

• dual electronic ignition

• electric starter

• propeller speed reduction unit

• engine mount assembly

• air intake system

• exhaust system


The turbo charged Rotax 914 series offers

more performance at high altitudes while keeping

weight at a low level. This series offers a time

between overhauls of 2.000 hrs and is available

as certified (Rotax 914 F) according to FAR 33

and JAR-E and non-certified version

(Rotax 914 UL).


84.5 Kw @ 5800rpm

Torque - 144nm @ 4900rpm

Max Rpm - 5800

Bore - 79.5mm 

Stroke - 61mm 

Displacement  - 1211.2cm3 

Weight - 75.5kg-Engine with gearbox, turbocharger, intercooler, cooling air baffle, wiring harness, sensors, flange with over-boost valve, air hoses, clamps, magneto valve block with hoses, ECU, fusebox with regulators, oil tank, exhaust system without fuel pumps assembly, radiator and oil cooler 

Fuel - min. MON 85 RON 95* min. AKI 91